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Our Clinical Trials Registry is a free service to connect physicians to clinical trials in respiratory disease. Clinical trials power medical progress, allowing researchers to test new ways to prevent, detect, and treat respiratory disease. Without clinical trials, treatment advancements would be significantly hampered.

Ongoing groundbreaking research could have a measurable impact on patient care, but a lack of clinical trial participants is significantly slowing research and threatening the development of new treatments. Recruiting and retaining trial participants are the greatest challenges to developing the next generation of treatment options.

Participation in clinical trials provides an opportunity to advance and accelerate medical research and contribute to an improved health outlook for future generations. Use our registry to get information on how you can be involved in a clinical trial.

COVID-19 Clinical Trial

For individuals with high-risk exposure to COVID-19, there is a trial at the University of Minnesota of hydroxychloroquine as post-exposure prophylaxis. It is open to health-care workers from "across the United States" and others with a high-risk exposure. Only asymptomatic individuals with high-risk exposure are eligible, within 3 days of the exposure. If you think you might qualify, you can email

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The American College of Chest Physicians (CHEST), in furtherance of its mission of advancing research, has established this page to provide a list of clinical trials seeking individuals to serve as principal investigators or to otherwise participate. CHEST has neither conducted an independent investigation of the nature, quality, scientific merit, or subject matter of the clinical trials, nor has it established criteria or preconditions for those trials being listed on this page. CHEST, its officers, regents, members, and employees are not recommending or endorsing the listed trials or the companies sponsoring trials and specifically disclaims liability for damages of any kind arising out of a member, health-care provider, or any other individual’s participation in a listed trial.