Teaching Methods

The Flipped Classroom: Practical Tools for Implementation

Lisa K. Moores MD FCCP MACP

Flipped classrooms allow for at-home concept exploration, followed by in-class experiential engagement and application of knowledge and skills. This “blended” instruction with synchronous and asynchronous components is appealing in the era of work hour restrictions. In this presention, learn more about the flipped classroom model, the advantages and disadvantages, and practice creating your own flipped class curriculum.

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All About Gamification

Gamify Your Teaching

Amy Morris, MD

Several published studies comparing education using game techniques to traditional demonstrate improved outcomes. A few do not show a difference, or even lower scores. Considering the likely publication bias in favor of novel findings, it’s hard to say definitively that game techniques improve learning, certainly in all cases. However, games are useful for audience engagement when designing an all-day course or other comprehensive curriculum. It is helpful to have some game techniques at your disposal - learn how to incorporate gaming into your teaching.

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Gamification Model diagram

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