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Professional development tools and wellness resources to help you find your calm and maximize your performance as a clinician ─ especially when times are extraordinarily tough.


Wellness Webinars

Wellness webinars are designed to help you and your team continue to work at peak performance. Our experts will weigh in with coping strategies and ways in which we can support each other during these challenging times. Sign up below to be notified when registration becomes available.

Upcoming webinars

Supporting Staff Resilience and Recovery: An Organizational Approach

Date: Wednesday, November 18, 2020
Time: 1 pm PT/ 3 pm CT/ 4 pm ET
Moderator: Alexander S. Niven, MD, FCCP
Tait Shanafelt, MD
Dana Evans, MHA, RRT
Lisa A. Falcon MSN, RN
Jay Peters, MD, FCCP
Sue Stempek, MBA
Kathy Fedor, MBA, RRT

Burnout occurs in all types of health-care professionals, and is especially common in individuals who care for critically ill patients. It has been linked to increased rates of job turnover, reduced patient satisfaction, and decreased quality of care. In 2016 the Critical Care Societies Collaborative issued a call to action to address commonly identified issues at work and organizational factors that increase the risk of burnout within healthcare teams. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has only increased the urgency for action at the organizational level to help sustain individual and team efforts to maintain high performance.

Join us as we talk with an interprofessional panel of senior leaders about common workplace and organizational challenges that institutions have faced during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the innovative solutions that they have pursued to maintain and sustain a high level of individual and team performance during these challenging times.

The COVID-19 Marathon – Are You in the Right Mindset?

Date: Wednesday, December 16, 2020
Time: 1 pm PT/ 3 pm CT/ 4 pm ET
Moderator: Alexander S. Niven, MD, FCCP
Panelist: Amit Sood, MD, MS

Have you ever found your mind racing at work? Struggled to focus on a patient conversation or task at a critical time? Snapped at your family at the end of a long day? Health care is a high-stress profession, and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic challenges us every day as we strive to take the best care of our patients—and our families.

Join us for a conversation with Amit Sood, MD, Executive Director of the Global Center for Resiliency and Wellbeing, creator of the Resilient Option program, and a recognized international expert in this area. Dr. Sood will discuss the science and skills that teach us how to use our minds to their fullest potential. He will also describe a structured approach to reclaim our attention when we need it the most and to preserve compassion and meaning at the bedside during these challenging times.

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Our resources can help you avoid burnout, reduce stress and give you a competitive edge. More than that, they can help you rediscover the joy in practicing medicine.

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Sit back and relax - watch our latest on-demand webinars

Taking Care of Your Team During COVID‑19

Air Date: September 16, 2020

Overview: Strong teamwork is important in any modern health-care environment. Health-care teams in pulmonary, critical care, and sleep medicine have faced a wide variety of new challenges caring for patients with COVID-19, forcing innovative and creative solutions to support their consistently high performance.

In this webinar, we talked with an interprofessional panel of experienced managers about strategies to both maximize team performance and support individual members during the ongoing pandemic and methods to rapidly and effectively train and integrate new health-care workers during times of surge.

Visit the e-Learning Library to add this webinar to your "My Learning" to claim CME/CE credits.

Strategies to Combat Stress and Fatigue

Air Date: August 19, 2020

Overview: Healthcare providers in Pulmonary, Critical Care, and Sleep Medicine face a unique set of challenges caring for patients with COVID-19. Traditional coping mechanisms are stretched and sometimes exhausted. Previously unfamiliar stressors call for a revisit of our strategies to combat stress and fatigue.

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Warrior's Edge: Created by Dr. Michael Gervais and Coach Pete Carroll

Long-term exposure to high-stress environments, where psychological and emotional trauma are near-certain experiences, leaves many first responders at risk for sub-optimal performance as they are conditioned to constantly activate their sympathetic nervous system. Warrior's Edge provides the essential psychological tools to train one’s mind and command your thoughts under stress— no matter which arena you are in. Visit Compete to Create to learn more ››

Apps and tools available to help you recharge

This is a space for you—a place to keep your mental, physical and emotional well-being in check. Whether it’s through exercise, meditation, or online learning, we hope you’ll take some time to focus on yourself.

NEW! COVID-19 Resiliency

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Society of Behavioral Sleep Medicine

The Society of Behavioral Sleep Medicine (SBSM) COVID-19 Task Force identified information that can be useful in addressing sleep concerns during this crisis, including recommendations for specific sleep conditions.

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CDC Resources

Need help coping with stress and building resilience during the COVID-19 pandemic? The CDC has a comprehensive plan, including where to go if you need help.

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PTSD Resources

The US Department of Veterans Affairs provides guidance and resources on how you can help manage your stress from the COVID-19 virus outbreak.

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Mayo Clinic Research

Dive deeper into three resiliency strategies that will help you cope with COVID-19: model resilient leadership, establish strong peer support programs, and foster organizational resilience.


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"Why Health Professionals Should Cultivate Gratitude” Physician Leif Hass learns how gratitude can bring more meaning and resilience to his work.

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Enjoy the short Guided Morning Gratitude Meditation to help inspire you to appreciate what you have and who is in your life.

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TED Talks

What makes a good life? Psychiatrist Robert Waldinger shares three important lessons learned from the longest study on happiness ever conducted.

Happiness and Joy

Ted Talk icon

TED Talks

In “The Surprising Science of Happiness,” Dan Gilbert, author of Stumbling on Happiness, challenges the idea that we'll be miserable if we don't get what we want.

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The monthly podcast “Joy in Medicine,” takes a comprehensive look at clinical burnout and how to address it, exploring how clinicians can seize joy in their practice.


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The Science of Well‑being

This Yale course engages you in a series of challenges designed to increase your own happiness and build more productive habits.

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Well-being Index

Accurately measure and track six dimensions of distress and well-being with the validated nine-question assessment invented by Mayo Clinic.

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ACP Resources

The ACP helps provide guidance and resources that foster communities of well-being so that you can best serve patients and optimize professional fulfillment.

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CBT-i Coach

Sleep problems? This app will guide you through the process of learning about sleep, developing positive sleep routines, and improving your sleep environment.

Stress Relief

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Guided mindfulness meditations to reduce stress, improve sleep, increase focus, and improve relationships.

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7-Minute Workout

In 12 exercises deploying only body weight, a chair, and a wall, this routine fulfills the latest mandates for high-intensity effort—all of it based on science.

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Peloton App

Sweat to a mix of running, strength, cycling, yoga, and more in your home and outdoors.

Illinois Warm Line: let’s talk


If you’re feeling the anxiety that comes along with practicing medicine, it’s important to reach out for support. The Warm Line is a recovery-oriented support system provided by the Illinois Mental Health Collaborative for Access and Choice. Staff are on-call and ready to help you proactively address aspects of your wellness.

Recognizing our Wellness Resources work group

Recognizing the increasing demands that the COVID-19 pandemic has created for our CHEST community, CHEST President Stephanie Levine, MD, FCCP asked Alex Niven, MD, FCCP to lead a work group made of CHEST experts across our NetWorks in Chest Infections, Critical Care, Disaster Response and Global Health to ensure CHEST properly supports our members and their health-care teams during this time of need. Through the identification and delivery of high quality resources, monthly webinars, and encouragement of ongoing discussion within our community, this group is working hard to sustain our interprofessional health-care teams, offer tools to maintain focus and concentration in difficult situations, and innovate to better meet the needs of our teams and patients during the present crisis and beyond.

Alexander Niven, MD, FCCP

Alexander Niven, MD, FCCP
Wellness Series, Chair

Dr. Ritwick Agrawal, MD, FCCP

Dr. Ritwick Agrawal, MD, FCCP

Aneesa Das, MD FCCP

Aneesa Das, MD FCCP
Chair, Council of NetWorks

Carl Kaplan, MD, FCCP

Carl Kaplan, MD, FCCP
Respiratory Care NetWork, Chair

Septimiu Murgu, MD, FCCP

Septimiu Murgu, MD, FCCP
Education Committee, Chair

Nneka Sederstrom, PhD, MPH, MA, FCCP

Nneka Sederstrom, PhD, MPH, MA, FCCP

Curtis Sessler, MD, FCCP

Curtis Sessler, MD, FCCP

Tom Furham, MD, FCCP

Tom Furham, MD, FCCP
Respiratory Care NetWork, Vice-Chair

Alice Gallo de Moraes, MD

Alice Gallo de Moraes, MD
Scientific Presentations and Awards Committee
Social Media Work Group
Twitter Handle Pilot Subcommittee