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“CHEST has made it incredibly easy for members to be involved with their activities. For me, the college has made academic advancement possible through invited lectures, faculty collaborations, and group projects leading to peer-reviewed publications. Best of all, interacting with so many clinical experts has helped me become a better physician."
- Aaron Holley, MD, FCCP

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Abdul Alraiyes, MD

Get to know Abdul Alraiyes, MD

As a second-year resident, Dr. Alraiyes became a member of CHEST in 2008. Jumping right in, he submitted an abstract at his first annual meeting that year, where he engaged with members from all levels of the association. “Since that conference, I was able to connect with pioneers in my field, which allowed me to be well trained in multiple specialties.” Now you can find Dr. Alraiyes on the Interventional and Chest Diagnostic Procedures NetWork and submitting articles for the CHEST® journal.

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If you’re a pharmaceutical or medical device company, we’ve got you covered. With ready-to-access data on more than 30,000 of the top chest medicine professionals in the U.S., CHEST stands alone in the field of healthcare intelligence.


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