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Engage With The Foundation

CHEST Foundation The CHEST Foundation, our charitable foundation, champions lung health by supporting clinical research, community service, and patient education. Through CHEST Foundation-supported programs, our members engage in advancing the lung health of millions of patients in communities around the world.

Apply for a Grant
CHEST Foundation has provided over $10 million in funding for clinical research grants and community service projects in more than 60 countries. These grants are an important stepping-stone for young health-care professionals looking for funding. Learn more about grant offerings.

Community Service
The foundation engages members and local communities in lung heath community outreach efforts. From providing screenings at Champions for Lung Health events to participating in grassroots efforts like local walks and tobacco education and cessation programs, the foundation offers chest medicine professionals a way to give back and to participate as a champion for lung health. Take action as a volunteer and contact Andrew Gillen.

Patient Education
The foundation creates trusted patient education resources and disease awareness campaigns that empower patients to engage in better managing their health. Available in print, online, and for mobile devices, patient education tools help patients easily understand complex lung health conditions and procedures. Connect to our patient education guides.

Donate to Help Champion Lung Health
More than 95 cents of every dollar raised by the CHEST Foundation goes toward advancing our mission-based programming. Our patient education guides, disease awareness campaigns, community service projects, and impressive grants program would not be possible without the support of the CHEST Foundation Champions Circle. Learn how you can help the foundation champion lung health.