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Guidelines Oversight Committee

The Guidelines Oversight Committee (GOC) is charged with making recommendations to the CHEST Board of Regents on issues related to health, science, and clinical policy in areas of cardiopulmonary medicine and surgery, critical care, sleep medicine, and related disciplines. The committee is responsible for overseeing the preparation of evidence-based clinical practice guidelines (CPG), consensus statements (CS), and hybrid documents on behalf of CHEST.

To optimize patient care by generating the highest quality evidence-based guidelines, consensus statements, and hybrid documents to support clinical practice in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of chest diseases.

To assure that CHEST is recognized as the leading resource in the development of evidence-based guidelines in the field of chest medicine.

In keeping with its charge, mission, and vision, the GOC goals are to:

  1. Identify conditions or interventions that potentially have high global public health and economic impact and in which management could be significantly improved by application of evidence-based statements to clinical practice.
  2. Identify clinical topics where treatment or diagnostic strategies are evolving.
  3. Identify topics that have a sufficient established body of published evidence for development of a clinical practice guideline.
  4. Identify topics that reflect the constituency of CHEST and may cross over to other disciplines.
  5. Collaborate with CHEST organizational units as appropriate to support the identification and development of tools and education that enable wide dissemination and access to guidelines to encourage clinicians to apply CHEST guidelines in day-to-day practice.
  6. Collaborate with other organizations as appropriate to develop, sponsor, and/or disseminate evidence-based guidelines in the practice of chest medicine.