Assessment and Quizzes

Assessment and Quizzes

Development of Learner Assessment Tools

Amy E. Morris, MD
Tim Murgu

  • List the types of performance assessment used in medical education with examples of each
  • List key elements of an assessment tool
  • Compare different forms of performance assessment based on strengths and limitations
  • Define instrument “validity” 
  • List the five forms of validity evidence in Messick’s framework

Download Development of Learner Assessment Tools (PowerPoint)


Integrating Faculty Feedback: The Program Director’s Dilemma

From CHEST/APCCMPD Symposium for the Clinician Educator: Best Practices in Faculty Development | Matthew C Miles, MD, MEd, FCCP

How would you rate this fellow?
You have been working with a first-year fellow on the inpatient pulmonary consult service for one week. The fellow came from a residency program with a strong reputation and has integrated well into your hospital system. They are already beloved by the residents, nurses, and clerical staff. You have corrected the fellow’s assessment and plan twice because they diagnosed asthma without recognizing features that suggested another less common diagnosis.

How would your rating change if...

  • you skipped lunch that day
  • last month you worked with a brilliant third-year fellow
  • this is the fellow’s first rotation of first-year
  • you are completing this evaluation 90 days after the rotation

Learn more about faculty feedback using competency-based medical education (CBME) and ACGME Milestones.
Download Integrating Faculty Feedback: The Program Director’s Dilemma (PDF)