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Works to improve patient care through education, research, and collaboration supporting providers of respiratory therapy services across the health-care continuum. Respiratory Care touches almost every other CHEST NetWork by focusing on the delivery of respiratory therapy services, collaborative care, and the education of respiratory care practitioners. The NetWork is unique in its collaboration with multiple external professional organizations and in the number of its members who represent CHEST to these organizations.

What's New?

Respiratory Care NetWork Featured Lecture and Open Forum

Safe and Effective Delivery of Aerosolized Medications in the Era of COVID-19

Arzu Ari, PhD, FCCP

The Use of Bronchoscopy During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Review of the Combined Society CHEST/AABIP Guideline and Expert Panel Report

De De Gardner, RRT, DrPh, FCCP

As a NetWork member, you're welcome to join your NetWork Steering Committee calls. If interested in joining an upcoming call, please contact  Maggie Kosinski,  and she will be happy to share access information.


Thomas Fuhrman, MD, MS, FCCP
Liaison: CHEST 2021 Scientific Program Committee



De De Gardner, DrPH,RRT, FCCP

Steering Committee

Robert Aranson, MD, FCCP
Arzu Ari, FAARC, PhD
Jessica Overgoner, RRT
Robert Pikarsky, RRT, CPFT, FCCP
Donna Tanner, RRT
Lori Tinkler, MBA
Richard Wettstein, RRT, MEd

Fellow-in-Training Member

Bethelhem Markos
Tyler Weiss, RRT-ACCS, MSc

Ex Officio Member

Carl Kaplan, MD, FCCP

Staff Liaison

Maggie Kosinski