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The concept of NetWorks became a reality at CHEST 2000. The vision of then President Allen Goldberg, MD, Master FCCP, and the efforts of Curtis Sessler, MD, FCCP, and Jemi Olak, MD, FCCP, resulted in the transition from Sections to NetWorks. NetWorks provided members the opportunity to take an active role in the work of CHEST.

Since that time, NetWork membership has grown remarkably, and NetWork members have become vital participants and leaders. Our NetWorks thrive through your active participation, energy, and innovation.

This handbook describes the NetWorks’ purview, structure, and function as related to our strategic, tactical, and operational priorities. We welcome you as members of NetWorks to collaborate on education, leadership, research, and advocacy activities that support your interests.


Every CHEST member will be involved in one or more NetWorks and, through active participation, will improve cardiopulmonary health worldwide.


To provide a communication and collaboration medium for personal and professional alliance with colleagues in CHEST in order to improve cardiopulmonary health worldwide through education, leadership, research, and advocacy.

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